The Best Festival Drinks to Enjoy This Summer

We’re fully in the middle of the summer season. The sun is trying its hardest to shine! And the UK’s festival circuit is proving alive and well, too, with greats such as Parklife and Download weekends already behind us and the renowned Glastonbury ahead!

To celebrate the UK’s prolific festival output, plus the start of National Picnic Week, we’ve collected a list of the most refreshing portable cocktails you can make.

You’ll also find some handy festival tips below! Read on and find out everything you’ll need to bring your delicious alcoholic beverages along, including some ideas on how to easily store and create them from the comfort of your tent!


Festival drinking

Many big music festivals have a clear rule: no glass bottles allowed.

Maybe you’re not in love with the idea of drinking warm canned lager for the whole weekend, or spending through the nose at the on-site bars. So, what are the alternatives?

Fortunately, Funkin specialises in quick-and-easy cocktail-making solutions, with fruity syrups and purees available, as well as mixer cartons and brand-new Nitro Cocktails in a can. You’ll just need to make sure you’ve got some of these essential elements:


First of all, find a way to keep your drinks cool. The humble icebox, or cooler, is an ideal solution which is increasingly popular around the campsite. They’re great for storing your drinks and ingredients, as well as any food you bring along!

If you don’t want to pay out for a coolbox, you can simply create your own. Take a wash basin or large bowl with you and fill it with water from the nearest tap. Cover the basket with an insulating material, like an emergency foil blanket for instance, and you’ve got your very own fridge for the weekend.

Another popular way of keeping your drinks cool is to store them in a bag underneath your tent. Within your tent’s walls, your drinks will inevitably warm up and lose their appeal. Against the cold ground, though, you should be set up for refreshing drinks all weekend long.

Festival drinking checklist

On top of bringing something with you to ensure your drinks stay fresh and fun, we highly recommend:

  • A range of pre-batched cocktails, mixers and versatile spirits (like rum or vodka)
  • A handy hip flask, or thermal flask, to store your cocktails when far from the tent
  • A comfy camp chair or deckchair, where you can sit to mix and enjoy your cocktails
  • Water - and plenty of it - so you can drink responsibly, keep hydrated and fight off any potential hangovers


The best of portable Summer cocktails

Now you know what to take with you to guarantee a good time, which delicious drinks are the best in the heat of summertime?


Rum-filled, citrusy sweet, and muddled with refreshing mint, the Cuban mojito is a summer classic. This cocktail is also famously adaptable, with a variety of versions inspired by specific fruit flavours, so you can enjoy this drink with any twist you like.

Read our Mojito recipe.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Sugary, citrusy and rum-based, the classic daiquiri is similar to the mojito in its basic make-up (and is supposedly related to the recipe for grog drunk by sailors and pirates in the 1700s). Add strawberries and some ice into the mix, and you’ve got an instant crowd-pleaser to drink around the campfire!

Read our Strawberry Daiquiri recipe.

Pornstar Martini

If you’re mixing a cocktail at the campsite, put this near the top of the list. Combining the sweet of passion fruit and vanilla with the sharpness of lime and vodka, this drink is reportedly a favourite of the female demographic. You can happily forego the martini glass for a flask when you’re drinking and dancing along to your favourite band.

Read our Passion Fruit Martini recipe.

Tequila Sunrise

The Tequila Sunrise is 20th century American cocktail, mixed with orange juice, grenadine syrup and - of course - tequila. Not only is this cocktail a taste sensation - hugely popular in Californian circles - it represents the spirit of summer perfectly with its bright colouring and sharp citrus flavours.

Read our Tequila Sunrise recipe.

Piña Colada

This cocktail needs no introduction. If you haven’t enjoyed the unique sweetness of rum, coconut milk and fresh pineapple flavours mixed together, make this the summer that you finally do. As the official beverage of sunny Puerto Rico, this cocktail obviously does something right.

Read our Piña Colada recipe.

Honorable mention: Bloody Mary

Not, perhaps, the first cocktail that comes to mind on a summer’s day. However, if you’re the type of person who might occasionally overindulge, consider the Bloody Mary. It's a famous hangover cure combining vodka or gin, tomato juice, plus a powerful range of spices and flavourings. When the morning comes, you may be glad you brought the ingredients for this classic cocktail.


Funkin is a supplier to UK festivals in 2019!

Funkin festival stand with cocktails on tap

Armed with some of our favourite cocktail products, you should have no trouble getting into any festival with all you need for an unforgettable weekend break.

If and when you’ve run out of supplies, though - or if you’re not quite satisfied with the drinks carts and suppliers at your festival - look out for the Funkin logo! We’re appearing at several festivals this year, bringing some amazing summer cocktails to the masses. You’ll be able to find us at:

  • Wireless (5th – 7th July)
  • Silverstone GP (13th – 14th July)
  • Lovebox (18th – 21st July)
  • Made Festival (27th July)
  • Glasgow Summer Sessions (16th – 17th August)
  • Elrow Festival (17th – 18th August)
  • Reading Festival (21st – 25th August)
  • Southport Weekender (31st August)
  • Tranzmission Festival (1st September)
  • Hospitality in the Park (21st September)
  • Abode (22nd September)

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