Funkin Festivals: iPhone Battery Energy Saving Tips!

Going to a festival this Summer? Here are some great ways to get as much out of your iPhone battery as possible:

 Close your apps

When you aren't using apps, make sure you close them as apps running in the 'background' use up your battery life.

Turn off notifications

Turning off your app notifications will help prolong your battery life.

Avoid using your iPhone torch

If you are heading back to your tent after dark, try to remember to take a flashlight rather than using the torch on your iphone as it will drain your battery. Safety Notice: If you don't have a flashlight with you, DO use your iphone torch as you can easily trip over guy ropes. It's better to have a uncharged phone than a twisted ankle.  

Use airplane mode

When you are going to bed, turn your phone onto Airplane Mode and remind your friends to do the same. Similarly, whenever you are with your friends with no need to use your phone, it can be a good idea to turn your phone onto Airplane more and every few hours turn it onto service just to let any text messages come through. The best thing about Airplane mode is that you can still use your camera.

 Arrange meeting places

Sometimes reception can be dreadful at festivals. So go old school and arrange to meet you friend at a particular time in a designated place. That way you save phone battery on calling your friends and you save their battery too. If you can't find each other, then you can call / text your friends.

Turn the brightness down

Go to settings and switch brightness to manual so you can control the brightness on your phone manually. Make the brightness a little darker than you normally would as this will help save battery.

 No 3G? Avoid Instagram

If there is no 3G and you are struggling to upload a picture to Instagram the best thing to do is avoid doing it. Every time you try to upload a picture and it takes ages to post it and eventually fails, it will use up way more battery life than you think. Post pictures only when you have 3G, or just save them until you get back home. Instagram uses more battery life than twitter, so if you have to share your feelings on the internet, tweet it rather than instagram it!

Take a portable phone charger!

It's always good to have a portable charger with you so you can charge your phone, but remember, you might only get one full charge out of it, so you still have to be careful with your battery life!

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