New trend: Coffee & Tonic-inspired cocktails

Coffee and tonic? Yes, today’s topic sounds strange but this combination has been served for years in Scandinavia, most notably by micro roaster Koppi, in Helsingborg, Sweden. It’s such a refreshing drink with the tangy, light tonic complementing the astringent coffee flavours.

The original espresso and tonic serve has now gone through several developments since gaining a cult following outside of Scandinavia and recently our wonderful Funkin Brand Ambassador, Luke, experimented with this trend to see how it can be adapted for the wonderful world of cocktails. The results are, well, incredible and DELICIOUS.

Here are Luke’s thoughts and serves. Try them and let us know what you think:

Funkin Caffé Tonic

“For a non-alcoholic serve, I’ve serve a coffee mix on the side of the tonic, in line with the ritual serve of a Gin & Tonic – allowing you to balance the drink to your liking.

It’s good to hold onto the sharp refreshing flavours of the coffee, and introduce a little extra sweetness by using a dark sweetener, similar to putting brown sugar into a Cortado coffee.

Method: Shake a straight espresso with 10ml Funkin Pure Pour Lime and 10ml Funkin Organic Agavé Nectar. Serve in a glass bottle alongside a ice-filled glass and your preferred tonic.”

Luke informs me that the drinks work exceptionally well with cold brew coffee, with. So, he paired up with exciting new brand, Fitch Brew Co., for these next two recipes and pictures. (Their coffee is sensational, so look them up if you’re a coffee fan.)

CariBrewin Collins

“Onto an alcoholic serve. We know rum is really compatible with coffee’s flavour profile, so I worked with some Havana 7-year-old and Fitch Brew Co.’s cold brew. They’re an amazing start-up from Leeds, making great coffee using Ethiopian coffee - and they’re ethically minded. Due to their fruit-driven flavour, beans sourced from either Ethiopia or Kenya work great in cocktails.

Method: Here I shook 25ml Havana 7yo, 12.5ml Funkin Organic Agavé Nectar, 12.5ml Funkin Pure Pour Lime and 50ml Fitch Brew Co. Cold Brew – then topped with 50ml tonic.”

KatFitch Breakfast Martini

“There’s a trend for lower ABV cocktails that pair well with food and this coffee/tonic will fit so nicely into that. The demand for ‘brunch’ style savoury or refreshing cocktails, often at lower ABV, suited to late morning or early afternoon, led me to me invent this…

Method: Mix 25ml Cocchi Americano, 10ml Funkin Organic Agavé Nectar, 2 Dashes Jack Rudy Tonic Tincture, 50ml Fitch Brew Co. cold brew coffee, 1 teaspoon of Lime Marmalade. Shake and strain.”

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