Burns Night Celebrations

I love a good Burns Night Celebration! Not only because I am a cocktail lover (naturally being a member of the Funkin Cocktails team), but my mother lives on the remote Isle of Islay where her family all come from, which is a Mecca for great Malt Whisky and has 8 distilleries, with a ninth on the way! As a lover of whisky, and in fact all things Scottish, (except the deep fried Mars Bar) Burns night gives me a great opportunity to don my kilt and celebrate God’s Own Country!

Burns Night has kept steadfastly to tradition with the meal kicking off with ‘The Selkirk Grace’ and the Haggis be greeted by the ‘Address To A Haggis’ from the 1786 poem by Robbie Burns “Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the pudding-race!”.  With all this history and tradition, the ‘neeps and tatties’ it could become a tough auld gig!

But remember this is a Scottish Tradition, so it is actually one hell of a party! An excuse to enjoy a dram and a blether with friends, and you could try a dram in so many different ways. A simple Mint Julep is a combination of fresh mint, sugar and water with your favourite whisky, but I prefer it long over ice with the Funkin Mojito Cocktail Mixer and a measure of Whisky – delicious. You could try a whisky sour, mixing whisky and Funkin Margarita Cocktail Mixer 50:50 over ice as another great way to try your Scotch. The US trend for Pickle Backs is a current trend in UK bars, so you could try the ‘Pickle Mac’ as a great ice breaker - a wee dram shot followed by a shot of  FunkinPro Pickle Juice – now what can contemporise the traditional Burns Supper more than that!! slàinte

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