Aiste's take on the Athens Bar Show

Our Brand Ambassador, and previous Innovation Champion, Aiste recently found herself representing Funkin at 2019's Athens Bar Show. She managed to find a bit of time to leave the stand and explore the show. Take a look at her take on the event.


'Athens Bar Show 5-6 November


The final major international trade show of the year went down a storm! The event was based nearly entirely outdoors and the major brands were going all out. Lots of friends and colleagues from London, as well as those from our European export markets to catch up with.

This year, what got my attention, was the abundance of experimental whisk(e)ys. One, in particular, being Elements of Islay - a cooperative approach blend from the “Peatland’s” distilleries - everything from Lagavulin and Bruichladdich to Caol Ila and Laphroaig. The blends were very unique and reflect beautifully on the individual characters of scotch whisky going into the blend. Excellent range too - from milder and more accessible ones, excellent for beginners and for cocktails, to extremely rich and complex ones. It just goes to show that whisky as a category is anything but rigid and we will be seeing more exciting and unusual projects coming out - and not just individual distilleries/brands, but also some versatile collaborative liquids.

We also learned (Again and again) that South American Spirits, rum in particular, are covering massive ground, both, across the show, and in Athens bar scene in general. Some excellent rum tipples were sampled at Baba Au Rhum, the Clumsies, A for Athens and other smaller independents. I found that rum serves took the spotlight on the majority of those menus and the Tiki culture is key for the local industry. (photo of a local Zombie attached)


Finally, Carl (Export Manager) and I got to learn a tiny bit about the growing craft beer movement in Athens while visiting the Noctua Micro Brewery -  the city of Athens’ only fully set up micro-brewery which works on experimental stouts, classic A/IPAs and a craft lager. '


Sounds like Aiste had a great time!

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