5 Ways To Make Spooktacular Halloween Cocktails

If you are hosting a halloween cocktail party and you are time-poor and lacking in cocktail confidence, we have five super easy tips and tricks on how to fancy up your cocktail skills and present them in a spooktacular way!

Funkin Cocktail Mixers

Fair enough, you are on the Funkin Cocktails blog, so you obviously know and love what we do already, but it really is the best way to get quality cocktails in a jiffy. Remember our mantra, Ice in, Spirit in, Funkin. With a bit of practice you can make one of our cocktails in 10 seconds! Shop our range of cocktail mixers — each 750ml carton makes about 7 cocktails, you can buy them individually, or you can buy party packs which give you a selection of flavours.


We know it sounds crazy, but ice is key in cocktails. Not only does it make your cocktail deliciously chilled, but the more you use, the less it melts, meaning you don't end up with that horrid melted ice cube in drink situation. Urgh!!! If it comes in a martini glass, shake the ice, spirit and mixer in a cocktail shaker and strain into a glass. If you serve it long, fill the glass with ice (right to the top!) and put in your spirit and mixer. However you serve it, ice is important!


Glasswear is easily forgotten, but a super important factor when presenting your cocktails to guests. If you have a large supply of martini glasses, hurricane glasses and maybe even a belle coupe, wonderful! If not, it's time to consider how you will be serving your cocktails! Tumblers and High ball glasses will always be a good option, as will jam jars (saving your jam jars as early as possible and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same!) Remember, a cocktail doesn't have to be served in a traditional cocktail glass, but it does have to look cool! With halloween around the corner, consider investing in some skull shaped glasses like these ones, guaranteed to give your friends a frightful good time!


No cocktail is complete without a garnish! Make sure you have a supply of oranges, lemons, limes and mint to garnish your cocktails. If you are feeling a little more experimental, sliced pears can look amazing around a glass as can cucumber and tiny flowers. Just make sure you match your garnish to your cocktail, you don't want to add flowers into a mojito when you have mint going to waste! With halloween coming up, try sprinkling plastic spiders into clear drinks. You can also dribble grenadine syrup down the outside of a glass for a cool bloody effect, or find yourself some creepy sweets to hang off the side of your glass and float on top (Excuse me waiter, there is a gummy eyeball in my drink and a jelly worm trying to crawl inside!)

Cocktail sticks, straws and coasters

Once you have made your cocktails and added garnish, the fun doesn't stop there! Pile in the skull and bone cocktail stirrers, black and white striped straws and serve on a coaster or napkin with a suitably scary print!

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